About Us

Our Story

Jimmy Khinda. Jimmy is a Master of Italian Cuisine. His experiences include being a Chef for Executive Inn Hotels in BC and spent 3-years in Italy where he became familiar in using local ingredients, spices, preparations and serving techniques used in the country where it is rich of culture, heritage and tradition.

Jimmy’s profession had the fortune and experience of landing him with different Hotels and Restaurants all over the world. Some of his favorite places are Italy, Germany, France and the United States. Jimmy truly has a passion for the culinary arts, henceforth landing him with his own Restaurant, Bella Roma. A friendly smile welcomes you to Bella Roma. If you wish, ask your server to invite Jimmy to your table to say Hello!


Why Choose Us

Our extraordinarily talented "king of the kitchen" excels tremendously in showcasing a variety of cooking styles. Each dish resulting in anticipated flavours of culinary masterpieces culminating with a palatable finale of desired satisfaction!

“Just imagine being in your backyard and suddenly being launched to the moon!”